NOMAD Pro 2™ Dental X-Ray

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NOMAD Pro 2 – Handheld Portability

We improved upon every aspect of the NOMAD™. We made it more durable. We made it even more reliable. We significantly improved battery performance.

The Pro 2 comes with a newly designed battery handset, with infrared connectors, together with a new charging cradle that improves the system’s durability and boosts battery performance. Durability is further enhanced by a re-engineered user interface that is more scratch and moisture resistant. The NOMAD Pro 2 will stand up to repetitive antiseptic and cross-contamination control. In a digital world, the NOMAD Pro 2 is specifically designed for digital sensors, although it works just as well with phosphor plates and traditional film as well. The dental team will appreciate how quickly and easily settings can be changed for different types of shots.

Unlike the conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems, the NOMAD is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-powered), and can go anywhere. Dental professionals around the world have rapidly chosen the NOMAD as their preferred X-ray device, both in and out of the office, with almost 12,000 NOMADs now in use.

  • Entire unit weighs just slightly more than five pounds
  • Handheld and portable design moves from room to room, eliminating need for multiple units
  • Perfect for use with children and special needs patients
  • Ideal for clinical, hospital, home-health, nursing home, and out-of-office use
  • Includes one-year product warranty

NOMAD Pro 2 – Modern Radiation Shielding

The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding are specially designed to protect the operator from radiation exposure. In fact, the exposure from using the NOMAD Pro 2 is less than one percent of allowed occupational doses.

NOMAD Pro 2 – Digital Sensors or Film

Whether you use the latest digital sensors, dental film, or phosphor plates, the NOMAD Pro 2 will produce high-quality diagnostic images.

NOMAD Pro 2 – Time Savings

The NOMAD Pro 2 color LCD user interface, simple touch controls and handheld design save time for the operator and patient.

  • Handheld design allows operator to stay with patient, thereby reducing time required for X-ray procedures
  • Simple controls built-in for quick adjustment of exposure time
  • Custom exposure settings may be saved for fast recall
  • Icons quickly identify tooth, receptor and patient type
  • NOMAD Pro 2 – Clear Images

The NOMAD Pro 2 produces the highest quality images.

  • No blur from hand movement
  • 0.4 mm focal spot produces sharp, high resolution images
  • High-frequency, 60kV DC X-ray generator produces clear images while reducing patient dose

NOMAD Pro 2 – Long Battery Life

Hundreds of images can be obtained from one battery charge. The battery is incorporated into the handle, which is easily removed for charging. A battery icon on the LCD user interface displays current battery levels and indicates when it needs to be charged. The NOMAD Pro 2 system comes with two battery handles and a charging cradle to always ensure a charged battery.

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