No Dental Insurance? No Stress!

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Don't have or can't afford Dental Insurance?

Affordable Oral Health Care is now here for you and your family. Can't afford dental insurance or your job doesn't offer it?Don't Stress!!

Here at Dickerson Dental Group, we have you covered with our very own in-house Dental Smile Plans. We offer four memberships that fit the needs for the whole family.

Save money, get better care, and be at ease knowing you finally have a dental care team who cares about your health and needs.

Step 1:

Select a Smile Plan

Step 2:

Enjoy these Benefits (plus there's way more..... *Call and find out!)

Step 3:

We Are Here For You and Your Family

Why we offer these plans: People who don't have dental insurance often neglect or deprioritize their oral health care. Small cavities or pains become larger, leading to expensive and invasive dental treatment. Those days are now over! We want to help you avoid those troubles with more affordable access to care. Our Smile Plans are designed to treat, monitor, and prevent these headaches. Save money now and get better care forever.

*To learn more about our in-house Smile Plans please contact our office or feel free to stop in and talk to one of our team members.  


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.

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