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Durable dental crowns in Randolph to enhance your smile's natural beauty.

Dental crowns act as full, protective covers that reinforce weak or structurally damaged teeth. Sometimes called “caps”, crowns almost mimic the function of a protective helmet or shell around a natural tooth, providing added protection when it might otherwise succumb to irregular wear. One of the most popular reasons our patients seek out dental crowns in Randolph is for a cracked tooth.

“Why would I Need a Dental Crown?”

Crowns are recommended in instances where a tooth is too damaged to fill. Some common examples of when a crown is appropriate include:

  • Large areas of decay
  • Severe wear or fractures
  • After a root canal
  • Cracked tooth

Instead of trying to patch a tooth and risk fractures to the enamel that’s around it, crowns cover the entire visible tooth above the gumline, distributing pressure when you’re biting and chewing. As such, crowns help to extend the lifetime of your smile so that you can avoid emergency extractions in the future.

Dental Crowns Illustration
Strong, Durable, Tooth Repair

Dental Crown Process

The dental crown process begins with a consultation with our dentist. During this consultation, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure that dental crowns are the best treatment option for you. We’ll will then take dental impressions and these will be used to create your custom dental crowns.

Once your dental crowns are ready, you will return to the dentist for a fitting. During this appointment, we’ll will place the dental crowns on your teeth and make any necessary adjustments. You will then be able to leave the dental office with your new beautiful smile!

Caring for Your Dental Crown

Although our Randolph dental crowns can’t get cavities, they still need to be cleaned thoroughly each day. It’s essential that you brush and floss them regularly to prevent any plaque or tartar buildup along the margins. This preventative measure will reduce your chances of recurring cavities from developing near the edges of your new restoration. If you’re prone to clenching or grinding, we highly recommend sleeping in a protective nightguard.

Dental Implant Crowns

If you have a missing tooth, you may want to consider having one of our dental crowns placed on top of a dental implant. As a skilled dental implant provider, Dr. Erik provides comprehensive tooth replacement therapy without any extra referrals needed.

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