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Tooth decay is a common disease, yet often goes undetected. While some cavities hurt, others may be completely asymptomatic until they compromise most of the tooth. Here at Dickerson Dental Group, Dr. Erik screens for cavities on a routine basis, so that we can intercept areas of decay as early as possible.

The smaller your cavity is, the more conservative the treatment will be. In this case, the prescribed restoration will be a small white filling.

How Dental Fillings Work

Our Randolph dental office uses composite dental fillings. These white restorations are mercury free and matched to your natural teeth. Composite is a unique material, in that it bonds closely to your tooth enamel to seal out bacteria. And unlike silver fillings, white restorations require less preparation and adjustment to the adjacent tooth structure. They’re essentially the least invasive treatment for cavities.

Do I Have a Cavity?

Common symptoms of tooth decay include:

  • Sensitivity to sweet drinks or foods
  • Rough edges you can feel with your tongue
  • Irregular sensations when you’re biting or chewing
  • Food getting caught between teeth
  • Floss shredding or breaking in certain areas
  • Darkening of your tooth enamel

To properly diagnose any decay, Dr. Erik will routinely use digital X-rays to assess areas between and inside of teeth. Usually, these are taken during your routine checkup appointments or emergency exams.

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What to Expect

If it’s your first time to get a dental filling, you’re in great hands. Dr. Erik is extremely gentle and sedation is available upon request if you prefer to relax further.

Once your tooth is completely numb, our Randolph dentist will clean away the area of decay and then condition the enamel in that space. Next, we use a shade guide to select the proper color of composite material for best aesthetics. Dr. Erik will hand shape the composite into the open area, essentially rebuilding that portion of your tooth with the filling material. A bright light is applied to cure the composite into place, causing it to harden and bond with your enamel. That’s all there is to it!

Randolph Mercury Free Dental Fillings

Cavities can easily spread into adjacent teeth, or deeper into your tooth and the underlying nerve tissues. It’s best to treat decay as early as possible.

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