Randolph Teeth Whitening

Sometimes a smile makeover starts with a simple treatment like teeth whitening, either in-office or at-home.

Whitening your smile helps your teeth look brighter and healthier in a short period of time. Our professional teeth whitening options in Randolph are an excellent way to enhance your natural smile without extra dental work.

If you’re considering a smile makeover or are interested in other types of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is an excellent way to get started. In fact, whitening is a perfect stand-alone, affordable smile enhancement all on its own.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

When you want the brightest white teeth in the least amount of time, our same-day treatment is the treatment of choice. We use in-office ZOOM! Whitening, which lightens your teeth by 7-8 shades or more in just a little over an hour. Same-day whitening is an ideal treatment if you have a last minute special event or prefer instant results over wearing trays at home.

With ZOOM! Whitening, we apply a concentrated, light-activated gel to your teeth in 15-minute intervals. After 3-4 applications (all completed on the same day) you’ll see full results.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Randolph NJ - Dickerson Dental
Zoom - In Office Whitening

Custom Take-Home Trays

Professional take-home whitening tray systems offer the incredible whitening results, but in the convenience of your own home. Simply wear your trays with a small amount of gel once a day and see full results in 10-14 days. Keep your trays on hand to touch up whenever necessary. For best results, we recommend touching up for 3-4 sessions after every six month checkup.

Take Home Teeth Whitening System

Is Whitening Right for Me?

Teeth whitening helps erase natural discoloration and accumulated stain. However, it does not lighten the shade of existing dental work, such as white fillings or crowns. Your teeth and gums need to be healthy, so be sure to visit with our Randolph dentist before beginning any type of whitening regimen. If you drink a lot of coffee, red wine, or use tobacco products, you’ll want to avoid those for a while, as they will cause quicker re-staining immediately after your treatment. Anything that might stain a white t-shirt should be avoided for the first two weeks.

Teeth Whitening Patient Before Treatment Teeth Whitening Patient After Treatment

Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Kits

Commercial teeth whitening kits are everywhere from the grocery store to online retailers. But like medications, you can’t buy the same concentration or level of product as you would get prescribed by a professional. The same can be said for whitening products. When you work with our Randolph cosmetic dentist, you’ll get better, faster, more even results with a professional whitening system than you would an over-the-counter product. They can also help you save money over time because you’ll need less product and maintenance in the years ahead.

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