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Cosmetic Dentistry in Randolph

The smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so you should feel confident and free to smile whenever meeting someone. Dickerson Dental Group provides cosmetic dental procedures to anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of their smile. Our dentist, Dr. Erik Dickerson, is skilled in applying cosmetic treatments to fit your needs, making sure your smile is the one you were meant to have.

If you think your smile could be whiter, more uniform, or enhanced, contact our Randolph practice. 

Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry in Randolph

Cosmetic treatments are all about improving the appearance of your smile, so deciding which treatments are right for you requires a hands-on approach. Dr. Dickerson evaluates what you wish to achieve with cosmetic care, then presents all possible options to help your smile shine.

Our dental team will give a thorough examination of your oral health and develop a strategy for you. It is our primary goal to establish good oral health, which supports lasting cosmetic improvements. 

Offering an Array of Cosmetic Treatments

It is our mission to make your improved smile look as natural as possible and to protect existing tooth structure. We can address nearly every facet of smile improvement, and we will combine multiple forms of care in order to address issues comprehensively. 

Eliminating Teeth Stains
We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. We make custom trays that hold the whitening gel to your teeth at home. With in-office care, your teeth will be whitened under the professional care of Dr. Dickerson. For our take-home whitening treatments, we walk patients through each step, giving them full control over their smile’s brightness. 

Deep or intrinsic teeth stains require more thorough treatment than using whitening trays. Having veneers put in, you have porcelain coverings for each tooth that mask stains, minor chips, or other imperfections like gaps in teeth. We offer them in two forms: traditional veneers and prep-less Lumineers®. 

Straightening Teeth
Whether you’ve never had braces, or your teeth have relapsed after undergoing orthodontic treatment, we can help. Our in-office orthodontist is an Invisalign® clear braces provider and is equally experienced in working with traditional metal braces. We straighten teeth according to your cosmetic and bite needs, supporting an attractive and properly functioning smile. 

Additional Treatments
Composite bonding restores appearance and function, is minimally invasive, and treats minor damage on a tooth’s edges. If you have metal or amalgam fillings, we can replace them with tooth-colored composite fillings or porcelain crowns, which enhance the durability and appearance of your teeth. Additionally, we remove excess gum tissue with our safe, comfortable dental laser. 

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With so many options, it may be difficult to make the best decision for your smile. Anyone who visits Dickerson Dental Group will be given quality care to fulfill their cosmetic needs. Contact our Randolph office today to see how your smile can be improved in Randolph, New Jersey!



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