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Orthodontic treatment is key to preserving oral health for a lifetime. At Dickerson Dental Group, we provide a range of orthodontic solutions to correct malocclusion. With a board-certified orthodontist on our team patients are in qualified hands. We monitor the occlusal health of all patients, providing every service they may require. If you are concerned about your child’s teeth alignment or wish to obtain a straighter smile yourself, consider our Randolph dental practice.

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Orthodontic Care in Randolph

Our dental group offers an array of services to care for every aspect of our patients’ oral health. As part of our goal to be your one-stop-shop, we provide orthodontic care to our dental family. We first examine patients for orthodontic needs at age eight and monitor their teeth development through their teenage years. We vigilantly watch for any progressing teeth issues, which are more evident as children grow. 

Malocclusion includes issues such as cross, over and underbite, crooked teeth, crowding or gaps. When we find these issues, we determine how extensive they are by performing a thorough examination. Patients receive a custom treatment plan that targets their specific needs and will be kept informed of the full process. Using cephalometric scans and models, patients are shown exactly how braces will correct their malocclusion, and how long correction will take.

Braces Treatment Options

Our in-house orthodontist, Dr. Glen Goldstein, is passionate about correcting misalignment of all kinds and strives to help patients obtain a smile that’s as uniform as possible. Although braces are better suited for younger patients, we also address malocclusion in teens and adults. 

Children's Orthodontics

Phasal treatment: Early braces treatment helps younger patients with severe alignment problems. Phase one braces are usually administered before a child’s full set of adult teeth grow in. Preventive braces support a uniform smile, helping your child’s smile mature properly. We combine the use of traditional braces with orthodontic appliances to make sure the teeth have enough room to grow, and that they grow in straight. In some cases, phase one braces can eliminate the need for a second round, or at least decrease the severity of misalignment. 


Traditional Ortho: Some patients never received orthodontic treatment when they were younger. Teens and adults are still candidates for metal braces, which can correct issues that make oral health difficult to maintain. This not only makes the smile straighter but also diminishes the probability that TMD and other potential problems will develop. 

Invisalign® Clear Braces: For minor and moderate alignment issues, this treatment method makes use of clear plastic aligners, which efficiently and conveniently fix alignment issues. These allow you to pursue normal life virtually unaltered, and all you have to do is wear the aligners consistently. 

Dickerson Dental Group is proud to offer general dental and orthodontic treatment to all patients. To receive an orthodontic exam, call us today! 


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